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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cures and Remedies...Everyone Has Them

Friday I regaled you with stories of just how much I LOVE dry rosé. And I kept that love going through a post-work drink and dinner with friends who believe that your wine glass should never be empty--I love them for this, I swear. Without sharing the hazy details of my evening, let's just say that I woke up Saturday morning with a nauseated belly, pounding head, and spinning eyes. It was a rough one.

Given that I had a huge day at the shop yesterday, with an art opening, chocolate tasting and more, I kept desperately trying to find a way to play through. I ate bread for breakfast, drank a huge bottle of Pellegrino and then ginger ale. Went through several other ritualistic cures in my kitchen, and nothing was really working. I was at the shop, lightheaded, and beat down. Yes, finally I got through it, with the help of finally opening a beer around 2pm. Not too much, just enough to mellow out the shaking.

The older I get, the worse the hangover seems. Mostly because it a) lasts for MUCH longer than it did when I was 22 and didn't care and b) because apparently, turning 30 and then 31 meant a hangover was inevitable from 2 glasses of wine, not 2 bottles!

I don't always get hungover. Most often I remember to drink lots of water and eat lots of food and be aware that a glass of wine actually does have a bottom. But sometimes, like Friday night, it just creeps up on you, like a bad case of seasonal allergies!

It got me thinking about cures and remedies, hoping to learn something from the dehydration. I turned to facebook and twitter to find out other people's tried and true cures. The answers ranged from "pooping" to a fascinating cocktail concoction with Campbell's tomato soup and malt liquor. (No thank you!) One of my favorites was from a friend who is barely old enough to be able to experience hangovers, let alone the ones that sneak up on you in your 30s. She reminded me that I taught her about a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk--almost always a sure fire cure. There's Menudo (the soup, not the band that launched Ricky Martin.) People swear by the old gatorade and advil cure, or a great greasy breakfast. Don't even get me started on the old "Prairie Oyster."

So, fantastically fabulous readers and friends, what do YOU do on days when staying in bed isn't an option, the hair of the dog isn't on your morning agenda and you're feeling less than your "post-evening out" best.


  1. Menudo the band usually does it for me. Or maybe Rico Suave. In all seriousness, McDonald's hash browns do the trick.

  2. Preventative is a boon - try taking B-12 with your first glass of cheer, and if you remember, another before bed. The lack of B12 is one of the main causes of the dehydration/hangover symptoms.

    If you forgot and you are already a hot hungover mess, try Ginger! Nothing works at that point except ginger ale for me. Even then, if I'm hungover, I'm generally just a mess for hours no matter what. I have another cure, but it is illegal in most US states still. :)

  3. Just wait till you hit 50! Sometimes one glass of wine is all you can manage. I was at my future daughter-in-law's 'hen night' on Saturday and had to be very careful what I drank and still felt rubbish yesterday.

  4. I just got a book by Pat Willard titled A Soothing Broth. It's got a little bit of everything for fevers, colds, tummy trouble and even hang overs. It's a great little book.
    Found you via Food News Journal.

  5. I try to drink almost as much water as alcohol when I'm actually imbibing.It seems to help. Of course, you'll want to stay close to a bathroom. ;-)

  6. We swear by Turkey Sandwiches. A good turkey sandwich with lots of fresh veggies almost always does the trick. Even a Subway sandwich will make us feel better sometimes.

  7. Amber: Love the B-12 tip! I try to take an extra B (I already take 1) the morning after, but never tried taking it prior to imbibing...I'll try that!
    Janice: I hear you on the one glass, it can get you!
    Cindy: I'll have to pick that up...
    Mollie: I hear you on the water. I try, but sometimes it just gets away from me...

    Thanks for all the tips peeps! Love that this inspired so much commenting. Seems we've all been there...