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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Birthday Surprise

Today is J's birthday. As I think I've told you, his birthday is making me insane. See, every year since we've been together, I've thrown J a pretty rocking party at our house. Cinco de Mayo is his FAVORITE holiday, and luckily he shares his birthday so closely with this day. So we've always done a big, Mexican-themed bash for his birthday, and played off his "I hate parties that are all about me"angst with a taco bar and tequila shots.

This year, because of our trip to Jazz Fest and more, we (meaning he) decided he really didn't want a party. You can imagine this threw me for a major loop--not to mention some friends who were actually disappointed in our lack of a Mexican-themed fete this year. I promised him a low-key birthday, and have spent the last 10 days trying to figure out how to get over my undying issues about not doing anything for this monumental occasion.

I decided to throw in the spatula and do something. Against my knowledge that a home-cooked dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu and chocolate cake would be just fine with J, I've planned a romantic, low-key, surprise day/evening away. He gets home-cooked meals all the time. Mostly delicious, and almost always in front of the tv. Knowing us, we'd fall into that habit post-dining room table meal, and I don't feel like sharing J with Simon, Kara, Ellen and Randy on this particular birhday!

I promise to give you all the details when we return, but I can tell you the following (since I know he reads this.) It involves old-school cooking, eco-friendly beauty, and me turning off my iPhone at 4pm.

Let the guessing begin!


  1. jayson is old

  2. jayson is really old

  3. jayson is so old......