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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Lovin'...

Isn't it lovely?

Here we are, almost a full month out from the official start of summer, and it's so hot that everyone I know has their air conditioning on already! I had my first beach day yesterday (you can just hear the sound of the relaxation) and the local garden center was (slightly irritatingly) packed today. It's summer.

Not to mention, my gorgeously, incredibly, wonderfully talented husband and equally fabulous brother built my raised bed garden on Saturday, while I was toiling away at the shop. Fabulous brother even planted the majority of my plants, and helped me plant the remaining trillion tomato plants yesterday. I am beyond excited.

I'm a different person with this garden than I have been in years past. Usually it was brother Eric's garden, and I had to tend to it while he was away, and it always got overwhelming and frustrating. It was large, and we overplanted most of the time. And I had less than no interest in slaving away on 90 degree days, pulling ginormous tree-like weeds out of the ground. While I loved the ability to run to the garden to grab a watermelon/cucumber/bowl of wasn't "mine."

Until this year. I'm excited for my garden, especially because the raised bed method of planting helps keep the weeds at bay. I can't wait for cucumbers and purple bell peppers, for Mr. Stripey tomatoes and super old seed heirlooms.

A lot of it will flourish, some of it will not. But this year I'm determined and excited, and most importantly, feel like it's mine. Which, in my head, matters more than anything in the entire world.

Some early snapshots for your enjoyment!
5 of 9 potted tomato many will survive?

Potted herbs: Oregano, Lavender, Mint, Parsley, Dill

More herbs: Sage, Chives, and Basil

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