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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepping for a Non-Baby Shower Baby Shower

Tonight we're celebrating the soon-to-be-born son of our really good friends with a non-traditional, non-baby shower baby shower. Meaning, no baby blue, no cupcakes. No games. No forcing the mother to be to open gifts. Not that there is anything wrong with ANY of that. Just that this party is for the parents and the parent's friends. Meaning good food, good wine and beer, and good times.

We're co-hosting this gig at R and N's house (because they rock and have the most gorgeous backyard.) I'm cooking, they're cooking, and then we're cooking together. I'll post as many pics of the food as I can remember to take but figured I'd give you some sneak peaks of what's coming from my kitchen. All the food is vegetarian, as the parents (and a good deal of the guests) are vegetarians. So for all my non-meat eating friends, get ready!

I'm making sauteed radishes on a baguette, adapted from a recipe in the NYT. Those are prepped now, awaiting a super hot saute pan before the party starts. I'm also making my Passover Brownies, because L, the mother, adores them. I suppose I should mention that this is the first time I've EVER made them outside of Passover. And when I tasted them to make sure they were good, I realized just how ridiculous that is.

I'm also making Blackened Asparagus, adapted from my recipe for New World's spicy string beans. And...I made a cheesecake. Assuming the cheesecake is as good as it looks, we have my mother-in-law to thank. She surprised me yesterday with a springform pan. Don't ask me how I didn't own one already. I just didn't. :)

My fridge looks like Day 1 of a Top Chef Elimination Challenge with all the tupperware of prepped and cooked items ready to go. My car has a case of (craft, of course) beer and some delicious wine.

I've been up and cooking since 7am, which for most people sounds like a heinous day. But for me? Just makes me zen and chill.

Though I suppose I should shower and change out of my sweats, first.

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