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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rocked My Palette

The other night we had a late dinner at home. Becoming more and more typical (and wreaking more and more havoc on my circadian rhythm.) We were busy putting some things together, working late, etc. Which meant a thrown together meal at the last minute. J had leftovers, and I had...wait for it...salad.

There wasn't much to go on in our fridge, and I had to experiment a little. But I threw together a combination of flavors that really wowed me. I know, or at least I think I know, that I've had this particular combination somewhere...maybe Italy? Regardless, it was good. The salad was basic, but I threw in some orange and finely sliced in some celery. That particular combination, with the shallot and the tons of black pepper, made for this beautiful, fresh, refreshing taste.

My next attempt at this particular combination of flavors (because you KNOW once wasn't enough for me) is to try something deliberate. A salad of JUST orange, shallot, and celery, somehow arranged and lovely and pretty to look at. Maybe with some belgian The wheels are spinning.

Playing on all of that, I made a dressing I hadn't made before--in this particular combination of flavors anyway. The principle behind this dressing is awesome. Take jam/jelly/preserves, mix with acid, season, stream in oil. Works every single time.

I've got chicken to cook for tonight (one hopes!) It may be on the plate. I'll post pictures for you tomorrow! But what I want to know is have you ever had that experience? You threw together something you basically hoped wouldn't offend together in a dish, only to find you happened upon a combination that rocked your palette?

Dressing for One
1 TBSP apricot preserves
remaining juice of orange (after segmented in salad)
1 TBSP champagne vinegar
salt and pepper
2 TBSP grapeseed oil, streamed in while whisking

(Does it really get any easier than that?)

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