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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Post-Birthday Cinco de Mayo Bite

Apparently, I can plan a good surprise. Incredibly difficult in our household. The only surprise I've ever seen done was his proposal, which somehow he arranged, plotted, and managed to achieve without a single ounce of knowledge from me. While his birthday surprise was not as high profile, it was well-received.

Our destination? Holland, MI, about 1 hour north of us. We have both been here before. But we've never come up to just hang, and it's a very cute little beach town, as far as our Western Michigan cute beach towns go. There is also this amazingly cool, LEED Certified hotel here, that is the first of its kind in the midwest, and I've really wanted to check it out since it opened 2 years ago. CityFlats, and one of the most well-known (and great) MI breweries, New Holland. A massage (for J), a beer (for me) and a bit of walking around, and then we went to dinner at this charming, old school, super cute Italian restaurant. The wine was perfect, the food comforting and delicious. It was a great, chill, easy birthday, "the best yet," or so he told me over a cannoli.

Anyway, on our way back to reality today, it was apparent that we were going to need some Cinco de Mayo activity before my husband went POOF and turned into a rockstar for his gig tonight.  We stopped at this newish, seemingly authentic Mexican joint that opened close to home. It was pretty least, authentic enough to make decent Al Pastor, and the bite of salsa and guac made it seem like some kind of celebration. I am now back in sweats, totally stuffed, and crazy nauseated. Seems like Cinco de Mayo to me!

I am not partaking in any other festivities today, which is the first time in almost five years that has happened. But I'm loving hearing about everyone else's! I can tell you, if you have the chance, try a Cucapa (Mexican craft beer) tonight with your shot of tequila and burrito grande.

What about you, do you go tequila or beer for this particular festiveness?


  1. We did drink the beer and the tequila but we made elotes too. If you've never had them they are delish. Corn on the cob, mayo, parm and Cheyenne Pepper.

  2. cheyenne pepper... (chuckles) classic!