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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dry Rosé Me, Please!

It's Friday, and I'm slightly buzzed from the non-stop Wine Friday tasting I just did with two of my distributors. I'm generally really good on these days...I try to sip demurely, and only one or two sips before dumping into the bucket.
(This is not even half of what we tasted today...)

Today wasn't exactly one of those days. It just so happened that one distributor was newish, and coming by with an entire stock of things for us to taste. And so we did. And then my FAVORITE rep came by, with French bounties from Provence and Chinon, and I tasted. And tasted. And tasted.

Given the spring into summer like weather here in the lower mitten, I'm totally digging on the two dry rosés we tasted today. The Chinon in particular, The Couly-Dutheil "Rene Couly." Delicious, slightly maturated in color...a gorgeous pinky rose. Light, bright, and crisp. Just how I like them.

I have favorites, trust me. This one, from Bordeaux, being an absolute fav. I have a $10 one I delight in drinking on super hot days. They run the line for me, from perfect porch sipping happiness on a hot day to an outdoor supper.

Rosé has this rep...people in the "know" (whoever the heck that is!) know how much they love the summer refreshingness of a glass. But for many others, the sight of the gorgeous pinky color reminds people of Franzia White Zinfandel, and their faces turn green with memories of stealing Mom's box for 9th grade slumber parties.

I'm here to tell you, TRY THEM!  It's what red wine drinkers drink in the summer, and there is no similarity to Boone's Farm, I promise. Trust your server or wine salesperson...

Better yet, trust me!

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  1. I learned this delicious lesson today!! wow, love the Terre de Causan you suggested!! Cheers!