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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My First Seder: A Pictorial

Last night I hosted my first Passover Seder, a tradition I've really only experienced at my parent's or grandparent's. As J pointed out to me last night, we hosted our very first married couple holiday--a feat we're both proud of and wiped by. I have a few phenomenal recipes to share with you, but today, as I scavenge my way through whole wheat matzoh and left over haroset, "Passover" brownies and brisket, I leave you with the pictures of our meal.

Passover Brownies

Dark Chocolate and Sea-Salt Caramel Matzoh (one with pecans)

Local Grass Fed Brisket

Fennel, Chestnut, Cranberry Matzoh Stuffing

Israeli Salad

J's Grandmother's Silver (WHICH HE POLISHED!!)

Our Table

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