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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pop Tart Who?

I had no intention of blogging so early today. But I just took breakfast to a whole new easy level, and literally ran to the computer to write about it. (I only wish I'd had the foresight to photograph the darn thing!)

I've been on a no-jelly kick lately. Probably because I'm dreaming of springtime produce and the ability to make my own. Meaning, anytime I've had a craving for a PB&J (which is frequently, for some unknown reason) I've been slicing up different fruits to pair with said creation.
I've also been addicted to Trader Joe's Crunchy Unsalted Almond Butter. Call Dr. Drew addicted. Within reason, I eat it every day, either for breakfast, lunch, or a giant spoonful lovin' snack.

This morning, knowing I have a crazy-not-sure-I-know-when-I'll-be-eating-again day, I went for an almond butter, banana, and strawberry sandwich on sprouted wheat bread for breakfast. But then, to pay homage to the totally amazing rockstar I met the other evening, I "kicked it up" a notch. I decided to throw the concoction into my Breville Panini Press (one of my many loves in my kitchen.) Not for very long, just long enough for the banana to get melty and the strawberries to warm through.

I scarfed it down like a dark chocolate covered peep. You will never eat a pop-tart again. This is whole food at it's best, and you can't beat it.

Now go eat something healthy, whole, and delicious!


  1. Oh, fabulous. I used to make my own almond butter and have it with apples as a snack. This sounds heavenly. Maybe I want a Panini press now.

  2. Yes, my new mission is to make my own almond butter. But Trader Joe's does a really kick-ass job of it. My parent's gave us the Panini press a few years ago for a birthday. Jayson used it all the time, for the most part, and I have recently been obsessed with using it for healthy sandwiches. Avocado melts almost as nicely as banana!

  3. Uh-oh, now my already busy day needs a trip to TJ's squeezed in! THANKS JILL! No, really, thank you!
    Christine & George a.k.a. Master of the Tiny Shopping Cart

  4. TEll the Master of the Tiny Shopping Cart HI from Jake and Jill! Let me know how you enjoy your TJs trip! xo

  5. That. Sounds. Delicious! I love sticking it in the panini press. YUMMMMM! I also love the "like a chocolate covered peep" analogy.

  6. YUMMMMMY! and now i've got to find a good press. any rec's?

  7. My panini press rec is definitely the Breville. Anything from them. I bought my mom one for the holidays that is flat paneled, which is nice. More griddle like. But my breville is my bff.

  8. Fabulous idea. Used peanut butter instead, but just as amazing. Love my cuisinart griddler too. Has flat griddle and panini plates. Super delicious Jill...