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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beer. It Brings Us Together.

I'm not sure when or how I got so involved in the craft beer culture, but I'm quite convinced I'll never leave. Beer lovers, aficionados, and the like, are a tried and true community, and they are no joke. From novices to complete and total rockstars, everyone invites you in to taste their new creation, and to hear your thoughts. They may not take your thoughts into consideration, but likely they will--and they'll appreciate it.

Today, I purchased an actual domain for this crazy blog. Which is crazy exciting. But while on the phone with my particular hosting company, we got talking about my blog and, in turn, about beer. He's a self-proclaimed "beer snob" and I immediately asked him about local breweries (he's in AZ.) That happens ALL THE TIME. Literally.

I'm working on a homebrew competition at the shop this summer. Any time I tell someone, be it a customer, friend, random stranger I meet on the street, they are pumped. They know someone who brews, or they're a brewer themselves. I'm not a homebrewer, but J and I are convinced we're going to try a batch this spring. Hell, I can cook, J is a brilliant chemistry dude (in his own mind) and that, to us, equals the ability to attempt a batch. We have great friends who brew, and surely they will lead us in a proper direction. This week, I'm working on a brand new recipe for a guest blog entry on a friend's super beer-centric blog.

People love their beer. They love to try things and they love their home state. Localvores are often huge beer fans, because often you have a brewery near you. Usually it can be pretty good. One hopes, anyway. I'm a huge proponent of finding what's in your 'hood. There is a "newish" brewery in Chicago, Half-Acre, that I'm itching to visit. And Michigan, well, come on. We're up there with Denver in terms of deliciousness that involves barley and hops. Ideally lots of hops. And barrel aging.

On this gorgeous spring evening, I challenge you guys to make a plan to go visit a local brewery, if possible. And then tell me all about it. Preferably with a picture and description. I promise to drool, comment, and discuss at necessary length.

And if you're curious, my Irish Stout of choice for tomorrow night is Beamish. I LOVE Guinness, I do. But I love Beamish a bit more.


  1. Hey, I like beer too. Crazy coincidence. I have a Plead the 5th set aside for tomorrow. I have class until 9 tomorrow night and then at 8:30 the next morning, though, so we’ll see how much I celebrate.

  2. It's funny how that works out Joe. Especially given that I blogged about and linked to you. :) Let me know how the Plead the 5th goes down. I've never had it. Have lots of new beer coming in this week and next.

  3. I must chime in here considering you are my "Beer Teacher" guru if you will. I can now appreciate the finer aspects of beer and it doesn't hurt that we get to taste them just about every Friday for free. Now I know that I like heavier stouty like beers. (if that is how you would describe it) Thanks Jilly :)